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Harlem Dentistry Team - Hygienists, Office Staff & Dental Assistants

Massiel A. Perez

Registered Dental Hygienist

Massiel was born and raised in NYC but her parents are from the Dominican Republic. She been in the dental field for almost 7 years now but has been a practicing hygienist for a year and a half. Massiel has worked at Morningside Dental Care for a year and a half, previously working at another office in Harlem. Massiel completed a year of Dental Hygiene school in Madrid, Spain before transferring and graduating from NYU College of Dentistry’s Dental Hygiene program.

Her favorite procedure is scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) mainly because she enjoys seeing the progress in the patients oral health from then on. She loves making a noticeable difference in her patients’ health. In her free time, Massiel likes to explore this beautiful city, travel and spending time with the people who matter most to her.

Jo-Anne James

Registered Dental Hygienist

Jo-Anne is from Guyana and lives in Harlem. She has worked with the practice for over two years and worked in the industry for over four years. Jo-Anne has an AS in Dental Hygiene, MA in Medical Sciences and Oral Health Concentration; BS in Biological Anthropology.

Jo-Anne enjoys the technical/practical and social aspect of all procedures "It's great to see the outcome and even better the patients smile afterward". Outside of work, Jo-Anne looks forward to time with her family the most!

Omima Fraik

Registered Dental Hygienist

Omima Fraik is originally from Tripoli, Libya, spending the majority of her life in Ireland and England she moved to the states 10 years ago. Omima joined the Morningside DentalCare Family almost 4 years ago. Omima has a Bachelor's degree in Science of Dental Hygiene and is very diligent when it comes to continuing education.

Her favorite procedure is scaling and root planing because there is nothing more rewarding than to see all of our patients inflammation-free!! With this procedure, patients get to really feel the difference on their gums, teeth and see positive results in their oral health. Motivating them to continue to work hard on their oral Hygiene home care to maintain those results.

Outside of the office, Omima is an explorer who loves to go hiking and explore nature. 

Tereza Camacho

Dental Assistant

Tereza was born and rise in New York her parents are Puerto Rican. Tereza has a great love her family and country. She has been working with Morningside Dental Care for 10 great years and has been a Dental Assistant for 16 years. Tereza has a few degrees and Certifications under her belt, 2 years of College, OSHA Certification, Invisalign Course Certificate, Certificate in banking and CPR Certification.

Her favorite procedures are Laser Surgery and Sedation. She also loves working on ortho cases and is the queen of Invisalign Cases. Outside of work Tereza enjoys spending time with her 3 great kids and grandson. Her boys are the world to her!

Shanelle Cope

Appointment Coordinator

Shanelle Cope is one of our newest members of the Morningside Dentalcare Family. Originally from Jamaica, Westindies she has found a home in Harlem and a job working with our dynamic team. She brings a softness and swag to our front desk! With a Bachelors in Business & Computer Studies, Shanelle combines her flair and hospitality with her great organizational skills. 

Shanelle enjoys being able to work with amazing team members from different walks of life, background, and ethnicity; they are fun loving and full of life. "It is my pleasure to express that being apart of Morningside Dental Care has been an adventure in many ways than one". Shanelle is a  single parent of a beautiful energetic 3-year-old baby girl, Shanelle is always full of happiness, optimism.

Andrew Guirguis


Andrew is originally from Egypt. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry, has been in the dentistry field for 5 years, and has been with our office less than a year. Andrews favorite procedure is RCT, because most of the time patient comes with pain which makes him/her cannot sleep, and we relieve his/her pain and make him/her have a normal life again. In his free time, he enjoys going to the GYM, playing soccer, play-station, watching Ted talks, editing videos and planning tours for my friends in NYC.

Maria Cainto Del Castillo , R.D.H.

Office Manager Morningside Dental Care

Maria Cainto Del Castillo R.D.H. moved to the US in 2003. She was a licensed dentist in the Philippines. She was fascinated with the fact that everything starts in the mouth. Maria learned from dental school that the mouth is the dirtiest part of the body. Thus saying so, if you maintain a healthy oral environment, overall wellbeing follows. To complete her dream of becoming a US-licensed dental hygienist, she pursued this degree in a reputable school, New York University where she was given the Colgate’s STAR (Student Total Achievement Recognition) award.

Morningside Dental Care has been the fuel that ignited her passion. She has been blessed for nine years and counting to be in a place where you see a great deal of transformation, not only in patient’s smiles but in entirety. Ms. Del Castillo is still fulfilling her ultimate goal of changing lives by educating about the importance of oral health and encourages clients to undergo treatments as necessary. 

Furthermore, Morningside Dental Care has allowed her to grow as a person. Making her realize that it does not matter how slowly you move towards your goal as long as you do not stop. She is fortunate to have followed her chosen path for the most of her life and the best part is, it’s very interesting and relevant for people in different walks of life. Ultimately, she is not only a mother trying to better her child's life, but also a person with a passion to become the very best. In becoming a dental hygienist at Morningside Dental Care, she does not only share her skills and what she knows, but she may change lives one tooth at a time. 

Promoting oral healthcare to the community with excellent treatment and preventative care management focusing on patient comfort. 

Leoma Lewis

Dental Assistant

Name: Leoma Lewis 

Title: Dental Assistant 

Where are you from: New York, NY 

How long you have worked here: 1 Year 

How long have you been in the field 10 Years 

Where have you worked prior to this office (relevant only if same field) 
Harlem Hospital Center and NYU College of Dentistry 

Education/Affilations : The New York School for Medical and Dental 

Favorite procedure and why: Oral Surgery 

Favorite thing to do outside of work: Cook

Yrene Schueg

Dental Assistant

Name: Yrene Schueg 

Title: NINJA/Dental Assistant/Cerec QUEEN 

Where are you from: Cuba "Azucar" 

How long you have worked here: 15 years 

How long have you been in the field: 40 years 

Where have you worked : 
A dentist in Cuba for 21 years 

Education/Affilations : General Dentist 

Favorite procedure and why: 
I like to do everything in the dental field especially learning new 
I enjoy taking continuing education courses. 
It gives me pleasure to see ALL patients leaving satisfied as a result of 
the love,care and attention we give. 

Favorite thing to do outside of work: 
I love Sunday lunches with my family, watching movies and relaxing.


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