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Meet Our Dentists in Harlem - General, Restorative & Cosmetic Dental Specialists

Donna R. Williams, DDS
Founder Morningside Dental Care

“We are all connected” Dr. Williams journey over the years, meeting different people, living in different cultures, with the work as a holistic dentist, has developed her understanding as to the many commonalities and ties we have towards one another. Her undergraduate education was at Howard University in Washington, DC. Subsequently, she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from first dental school in the world, University of Maryland; in 1990. Dental school was where you learn the basic skills to become a dentist, however, outside of dental school is where her world had been able to expand even more. As a child growing up Dr. Williams lived for some of her formative years in Tanzania, East Africa. She was also and exchange student living in Oaxaca, Mexico. Dr. Williams has lived and traveled throughout the Caribbean, West and South Africa, and Europe. She opened her first dental office in Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands, while also working in St. Croix and on the island of Anguilla. In the Caribbean is where she was able to hone her dental skills as a practitioner and learn how to run a dental office.

Donna R. Williams, DDS

After the leaving the Virgin Islands, Dr. Williams moved to Harlem, NYC in 1994, where she worked as a dentist at Harlem Dowling Foster Care Agency, and shortly there afterward opened a solo practice on 125th street and St. Nicholas Avenues - Morningside Dental Care. The perception of the quality of dental care in Harlem was very poor. So she has been determined to change the poor perception. Morningside Dental Care is one of the finest dental clinics in all of New York City! They specialize in offering the most up to date treatment available. Dr. Williams was one of the first dentists in New York City to offer LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) in my office. This technique is the only FDA approved treatment to help treat gum disease using lasers. This type of treatment has worked wonders for so many patients to save teeth that otherwise would have been extracted in the past.

Her office is the only office above 79th Street in Manhattan to have the state of the art CEREC machine which is a computer used to create all porcelain crowns and bridges right in the office. She is certified by The Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) which has enabled us to treat patients who have stayed away for the dental office for many, many years due to fears they developed from childhood. In 2003, Dr. Williams obtained a Fellowship in Natural Dentistry (FIND) from the Institute of Natural Dentistry, where she learned about the interconnectivity between the mouth and the rest of the body. Problems in the mouth, often generate health issues elsewhere in the body, and vice versa. Their office petitioned Governor Cuomo to recognize February as Gum Disease Awareness Month in the State of New York. Her office has grown from a small office of 3 people to a multi-specialty practice of 16 people including 4 associate doctors.

Dr. Williams is on the board of AHEAD, Inc as well as Make the Grade Foundation. Personally, she has a teenage son, Sadiki Emmanuel, and is very happily married to Apolinary “Yonga” Ngirwa. She is passionate about bringing people together, bridge different cultures, and showing, how the body is interconnected (the organs and systems to each other); how we are related to each other as human beings on earth; truly, from the smallest tiny atom, to the universe as a whole.

Raymond Swainson, DDS

Dr. Swainson’s passion for dentistry began when he was 11 years old and would spend summers in Bermuda at his uncle’s dental practice. From those experiences, he fell in love with dentistry. Today, he is a highly qualified dentist that takes extreme pride in providing his patients with the best treatments available.  He received his DDS Degree from UCSF in 2000 and acquired 4 years of residential experience in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in New York. 

He also has a verified history of applying his dental expertise in other countries such as Africa and Bermuda, which has expanded his professional foundation and added to his unique skills and credentials.

Patricia M. Izquierdo, DDS

Born in Colombia and raised in NY, Dr. Patricia M. Izquierdo has over 20 years experience working as a Dentist. Dr. Patricia M. Izquierdo, joined the Morningside Dentalcare team in the Summer of 2017. Prior to that having worked at a practice in Queens, NY.

Dr. Patricia M. Izquierdo, is a graduate of New York University College of Dentistry and the Universidad el Bosque College of Dentistry. Her favorite procedure is the Molar Crown Preparation, because it is something she has enjoyed since training in Columbia,  It just really natural to her.

Dr. Izquierdo’s strongly believes dentistry choose her. She was one of the few lucky kids to have a wonderful pediatric dentist who made me fall in love with dentistry since she was a child. “I love teaching and dentistry allows me to share with others the gifts that have been given me.” Feeling the love and gratitude of my patients after I thoroughly explained to them why they are having a specific problem. Half of the time they say they had never been told the reason of their issues, but the best feeling is when those patients return for their recare appointments with transformed smiles and improved oral hygiene habits, just because I informed them about their situation which leads them to take charge of their own health.

Strong Oral Care practices are critical to your holistic health. 

Waleed Ben Elchmai, DMD

Dr. Elchmai's family is originally from Lebanon but he was born in Queens NY and have lived here his whole life. Dr. Elchmai has been practicing for 12 years and has worked in worked in several practices in Manhattan and NJ through the years. Dr. Elchmai's Undergraduate education was NYU, Dental School was NJ Dental School now called Rutgers, and his residency was at Hackensack University Medical Center. Dr. Elchmai enjoys all aspects of dentistry and cosmetics, but he really enjoys CEREC restorations.

He is a general dentist and does everything from fillings to crowns and bridges, surgery extractions, root canal, orthodontics or tooth movement and alignment with Invisalign, dentures and partial dentures, implant restorations, and cosmetic cases. He chose dentistry because it is Medical and artistic which are 2 things that have always interested him.

Dr. Elchmai feels a great sense of accomplishment when he completes a procedure. "It is very gratifying to complete work that I stand behind and I am proud of and also very nice to feel that I have helped someone be able to function or look better!" When Dr. Elchmai is not at work he is enjoying traveling and trying new foods! 

Dr. Franklyn Aguebor


Dr. Franklyn Aguebor was born in Benin City, Nigeria, but raised primarily 
in Atlanta, Georgia prior to moving to New York. He has been with Morningside Dental Care 
family for 5 wonderful months now, and he says, at the very least it has been an 
amazing experience at this beautiful practice. 

He has dedicated the past 10 years in his career of dentistry; from his undergraduate studies in biological 
sciences, dental school, formal training in residency to practicing as a 
board certified dentist in Atlanta, Georgia and now New York City. It 
has truly been the best years of his life. 
Prior to this office, he worked in a private practice office in Atlanta, 
Georgia and also Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center in New York. 

Dr.  Aguebor attended the University of Georgia for his 
undergraduate studies and completed dental school at Augusta University:
Dental College of Georgia. In addition, He completed a general practice
residency at Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center. 

 His favorite procedure is a comprehensive exam. 
It is the greatest opportunity to educate his patients and explain to them 
that here at Morningside Dental Care, our focus is not only on the mouth 
but the connection it has with the entire body. He strives to make his 
patients completely knowledgeable about their improving their dental health 
and get them on the road to complete oral and systemic health. 

Dr.  Aguebor is very big on traveling. He has done plenty of traveling around the
United States and gone on several international adventures as well.
One of his favorite journeys was a dental mission trip to Dominican Republic,
which was an absolutely life changing experience. In addition, he loves health and wellness,
so he frequently goes to the gym. Above those two hobbies, he loves visiting and spending
time with his family. 


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