Social Responsibility

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Morningside Dental Care Gives Back

We are committed to celebrating a culture of community involvement and investing our time and knowledge in social responsibility. Our focus is on providing dental care for communities that are in dire need, such as those communities being served by the humanitarian efforts of Ahead Inc.



Dr Donna recently visited Tanzania with Ahead Inc.  Follow her on Instagram to view more pictures about this mission.

Ahead Inc.

Professionals are mobilizing to help needy and underserved communities in Tanzania by donating medical equipment, books, supplies and medical services. This mission will provide an opportunity for an exchange of medical knowledge and skills, as well as professional and intercultural exchanges between Tanzanian and US physicians, dentists and others professionals. Also, we will celebrate and showcase the health and education programs implemented over the past 30 years by AHEAD, Inc in rural villages in Tanzania, Twenty-five doctors and other professionals have expressed a desire to participate in this mission trip.


For more information on Ahead Inc, go to



More pictures from Instagram: