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Don’t Go To Bed Without Brushing Your Teeth

Have you gone to bed without brushing your teeth?

harlem dentist located on 125 street asks do you go to bed without brushing your teeth

Admit it.



You've forgotten to brush your teeth before going to bed at least once. It happens. You've had a full day and now you are so tired all you want to do is fall asleep in your bed.

But don't do it. Don't go to bed without brushing your teeth. Don't miss your opportunity to continue having great dental health.


Follow expert advice on dental hygiene

Experts (that would be the American Dental Association) recommend that you brush your teeth at LEAST twice a day.   So you would brush your teeth when you wake up in the morning, and when you get ready to turn in for the night. And after each meal, of course.

We know...

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5 Tips For Having A Healthy Mouth

5 Tips For Having A Healthy Mouth

A diet consisting of nothing but  junk food can put your heath at great risk. If your meals are mostly high in salt, sugar and saturated fat, your habits can increase your blood pressure and cholesterol. Not to mention...your teeth as well! These processed foods and carbonated drinks are packed with added sugar. Too much sugar is unhealthy for your teeth and gums. This will lead to more dental problems and possibly severe dental disease. Make sure your teeth are in tip-top shape by following these tips for keeping your teeth in great condition:
  1. Basic dental hygiene - brush and floss your teeth for two minutes and do this at least two times a day.
  2. Regular dental visits - make dental appointments twice a year and keep them, because theses visits are your first line of defense against any problems with your teeth and dental health.
  3. Dental cleaning -...
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Good Food vs. Bad Food

Good Food vs. Bad Food for your teeth

You are what you eat! When you eat starchy, sugary foods,  you are feeding the plaque that can cause tooth decay. Eat foods that are healthy for your mouth, and you'll keep your beautiful smile. Here is a great reminder of what you need to eat to improve your dental health: harlem dentist nyc good food vs. bad food for your teeth ...
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