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Happy New Year 2015 Wishes

Happy New Year 2015 wishes from Morningside Dental Care!   This New Year's Day, resolve to practice better oral hygiene!     Keep your smile beautiful - work on getting a healthy mouth by:
  • brushing and flossing twice a day
  • watching for signs of gingivitis
  • eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables
  • visiting our office for your scheduled check-up and cleaning.
  Your teeth will appreciate your efforts by giving you a bright, healthy smile.    
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The Best Vitamins For Healthy Teeth

The Best Vitamins For Healthy Teeth

What are the best vitamins for healthy teeth - boost your dental health and get healthy teeth with vitamins

Do you know which vitamins you need to consume in order to get healthy teeth?

Do you know which fruits and vegetables to add to your daily meals in order to get the benefit from these vitamins? You know that proper care of your teeth is one of the things you can do to keep your healthy smile, but you can also vitamins and minerals to that list. The best vitamins for healthy teeth can help:
  • strengthen your teeth,
  • give a healthy boost to your oral health
  • show the world your great smile.
Vitamins can improve your overall good health and promote healthy teeth. They can also help to improve your gums by helping to fight gum disease and help prevent tooth decay. The best vitamins and nutrients for healthy...
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Organic Produce vs Regular Produce – Does It Matter?

Organic produce vs regular produce - does it matter?

Is organic better for you than the regular produce in your grocery store?   Harlem NYC dentist ask if organic produce is better than regular produce Do you often ask yourself "is organic produce better for your health than regular produce"? Do you assume that organic is better for your health? Then you should do some research into the benefit of replacing regular produce with produce that is grown and harvested from organic farms. Find out what you need to know before making the switch to organic produce, and see if going organic is right for you and your health. Remember, eating healthy foods can affect your dental health, so here's to good, nutritious food! ...
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