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How To Get A Healthy Smile – Issue #1

How to get a healthy smile that will last a lifetime?

Harlem NYC Dentist How to get a healthy smile The best way to keep your smile is to practice good dental habits, get regular dental checkups and cleanings, and eat a healthy diet. Need help with that last one? We've rounded up a few pictures to remind you to make healthy food choices when you're deciding what to put on your plate.   [Tweet "Healthy foods are the key to healthy healthy and get great dental health."]...
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Organic Produce vs Regular Produce – Does It Matter?

Organic produce vs regular produce - does it matter?

Is organic better for you than the regular produce in your grocery store?   Harlem NYC dentist ask if organic produce is better than regular produce Do you often ask yourself "is organic produce better for your health than regular produce"? Do you assume that organic is better for your health? Then you should do some research into the benefit of replacing regular produce with produce that is grown and harvested from organic farms. Find out what you need to know before making the switch to organic produce, and see if going organic is right for you and your health. Remember, eating healthy foods can affect your dental health, so here's to good, nutritious food! ...
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The 7 Day Nutrition Test

Ok, Nutrition Awareness test time!

Take the 7 Day nutrition test for optimum dental health Do you think you make the right food choices? Are you eating as healthy as you think? Now it's your turn: Take stock of what you eat during a week - write down all the food choices you make for 7 days. At the end of the week, see if you've chosen healthy food items...or if you're a junk food junkie. How much food do you eat in a week? Making healthy food choices can make your life better and your dental health the best it can be!...
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