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Perform a Toothbrush Check Every Day

Perform a toothbrush check daily!

toothbrush check for signs of gingivitis​ Do you check you toothbrush for bleeding gums? You should...because you need to look for the early signs of periodontal disease, also known as Gingivitis. If you have periodontal disease, you are 2 times more likely to develop heart disease. Get regular dental checkups to keep teeth healthy, along with your heart! Read more about periodontal disease and gum disease treatment....
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What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease treatment is available come in and be treated with the newest technology at Morningside Dental Care with LANAP laser procedure What is Gum Disease and what treatments are available today? There is a high level of gum disease prevalent today - most adults in the U.S. have some form of the disease. Periodontal disease, or Gingivitis has many levels - it can be as simple as gum inflammation, or it can be as serious as to cause major damage to the tissue and bone that support the teeth. You could lose all of your teeth. But don't fear tooth loss - there are different gum disease treatments available and your dentist should explain all of the options available to you. You can find out if you are affected by gum disease and how to treat and even prevent it from happening to you....
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