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Celebrate World Oral Health Day

People in more than 50 countries worldwide came together to show their support for  "Celebrating Healthy Smiles" on World Oral Health Day, March 20, 2014. brushing your teeth is a very important factor in oral health nutrition is a very important factor in oral health Laugh for a healthy mouth This annual celebration is the brainchild of the World Dental Federation in collaboration with the ADA - to spread the word that we all should be concerned with our oral health and should work together with dental health professionals to achieve a healthy dental lifestyle. Celebrate World Oral Health and everyday!   Make an appointment for a checkup today, and click on the share buttons below to let your friends know that you want to have a healthy smile:...
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The First Official African-American Dentist

The First African-American Dentist to earn a dental degree

Robert Tanner Freeman D.D.S.

  The first African-American dentist to earn a dental degree   The first African-American to receive a dental degree is Dr. Robert Tanner Freeman. He was in the first class to graduate from the Harvard Dental School in 1869. Freeman was born in Washington, D.C. to former slaves from North Carolina, and as a young man was hired by a local dentist, Dr. Henry Bliss Noble. Dr Noble mentored Freeman and encouraged him to attend dental school to become a dentist. There were other African-American dentist at this time, but none had earned a degree from a formal dental school. He had applied to two other dental schools before being accepted as one of the sixteen members of the inaugural class of 1867 at the newly formed Harvard Dental School. After graduating from Harvard in 1869, Dr. Freeman returned...
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