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Fall Favorite: Pumpkin

fall favorite pumpkin Fall is in full swing, and pumpkins can be found everywhere. But do you know the benefits of including pumpkin into your diet? Well, find out more about this member of the squash family:
  • pumpkins have high levels of carotenoids, the compounds that gives them their bright orange color
  • also rich in beta-carotene, an important anti-oxidant
  • great source of  dietary fiber
  • pumpkin seeds are rich in phytosterols and amino acids - great for lowering your cholesterol.
  • pumpkin seeds are a good source of protein, iron,  niacin,  selenium and zinc
  • get your vitamins from consuming pumpkin - A, C, E and Potassium
  • get your minerals too - copper, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.
Nutritionist suggest buying the smaller varieties of whole pumpkins, not sliced. Avoid any with wrinkled surface, cuts and bruises. They can be stored for a few weeks in a cool, well-ventilated place at room temperature. So pick...
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Morningside Dental Care

At Morningside Dental Care, we welcome new patients with open arms - from the attentive front office staff to our excellent dental staff.  Come and visit our office and become a part of our dental family.  Please explore our web site to learn more about us, and the services available to make your smile a healthy one.  You can find information about our staff, our office, and the procedures and services that we offer. If you have any questions please call us, or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We love hearing from our patients and anyone who may be interested in becoming one....
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